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Learning Hub aka Pod with a Purpose

A group of students who gather together, under the guidance of a skilled teacher, to learn and work on their virtual schooling while having fun

As many school districts move to teaching virtually and students no longer attend a traditional classroom in a traditional school, parents everywhere have been scrambling to provide students with support in their day-to-day learning and a peer group with whom to interact on a regular basis. Companies have also recognized the need to support their employees by facilitating a similar type of solution so that employees, who are also parents, can focus on their own jobs and be assured that their children’s needs are being met.

KidSmarts is THE Solution

Whether it’s parents and neighbors banding together as informal groups or pods (KidSmarts@home) or companies deciding to invest in a solution for their employees (KidSmarts@work) a qualified, consistent, professional teacher is the key necessity to making your plan successful. Simply searching the internet and hiring a teacher can seem like the way to go, but there are also risks and other details to consider.

How do you know that this is the right teacher? What about their liability and HR needs? Managing an employee and providing the necessary structure may be more than a group of parents want to take on or may detract from a company’s line of work. Teachers are new to this type of arrangement too and it is important to them that they have stability, support for their own development and consistency. Finding amazing individuals who can manage this type learning arrangement is difficult and ensuring their commitment and growth requires an experienced partner who understands how to identify them and how to meet their needs.KidSmarts IS that partner.We will elevate your informal pod to a Learning Hub. We can help by recruiting the right teacher for your group, managing the logistics of their employment (payroll, taxes, background checks, HR needs) ensuring their commitment for the agreed upon time period and providing professional development and coaching so that the teacher’s needs are met. We take on the responsibility of managing the teacher and the Learning Hub so that you can focus on your children, your lives, your jobs and your needs.

What’s a KidSmarts Learning Hub?

A self-contained learning environment hosted on your premises that pairs a skilled, experienced teacher with up to 8 students grades K-8 for educational support, virtual learning facilitation and enrichment activities.

We’ve taken all of the guesswork and challenges out of forming a safe, stable learning environment for students to learn, play and thrive as schools go virtual this fall and likely into the winter. All you need to do is supply the designated space and the students…we do the rest!


We provide excellent, highly qualified, experienced teachers who will receive on-going support from us. We conduct a thorough and extensive recruiting effort and take special care to ensure that each teacher embodies our values.

Every one of our teachers is excited about the opportunity to create and manage a Learning Hub. They are experienced, fully vetted and background checked.  And since they work for KidSmarts, you never have to worry about tax filings, worker’s comp, or any of the legal stuff.

Our teachers are our biggest asset and we truly value them as professionals. This type of wide-scale virtual learning is new to everyone-students, teachers and parents-and we recognize that investing in our teachers is a necessity so that they can continually provide the best experiences for their students. To that end, each teacher will have access to a coach and robust professional development program that KidSmarts will sponsor. We are committed to providing teachers with high levels of support and guidance, which is part of how we attract such amazing educators!


Our teachers will provide structure to the Learning Hub by managing various virtual schooling schedules and creating a daily experience that includes some 1:1 tutoring, group work, art projects and other activities. Your student will receive personalized guidance as they participate virtually in their school activities and will have a resource who can explain things and provide in-person support. We want students to feel comforted by having a regular schedule and have fun while completing and succeeding in their school work.

KidSmarts commits to providing your Learning Hub with the same teacher on the schedule that we create and you do not have to worry about having a different person every time your Learning Hub meets. We also provide substitute teachers in the case of illness or other unforeseeable circumstance to ensure that your Learning Hub meets as expected. Once you are a part of our organization, we do everything we can to give you peace of mind and ensure that your students have a consistent, positive experience.


Learning hubs are for and about students and we pride ourselves on knowing how to meet each kid’s needs. Our expert teachers are very experienced and know more than just how to teach content and facilitate academic learning. As experienced classroom teachers, they know how to create a positive culture and attend to the academic, social and emotional needs of the whole child. They also recognize that because this type of learning is new, it may be stressful for students and it is important to be aware of student emotional health in addition to their academic progress. Our teachers are creative and fun-they have chosen to lead Learning Hubs and are excited to provide students with support and guidance during this time of change.  Their experiences help them gauge student dynamics and recognize when students need a brain break, a game, an art project or just a little down time. We also provide our teachers with supplies that they need to support their Learning Hubs so that kids can have a variety of experiences.

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